Tweet, Tweet To Be A Social Butterfly

It was about five years ago that I went to the library and took a book out on using Twitter for business. Obviously I did not learn much or if I did I did not put it to use. However I did eventually sign up. I think I have one of those Twitter buttons somewhere on this blog. If I do not have one I will be sure and add it.

I love people and want to help everyone learn at LEAST as much as I do about improving their life. I think Twitter might be a good way to let people know about how I am living on clicks and how they can too.

I am starting to find my rhythm without trying now that I have finally accepted that my niche “living on clicks” is worth pursuing and that I am among a very large crowd of people in this “niche”. I am happy to report that most of those I am following and who are following me are online entrepreneurs.

I am trying to become more of a social butterfly and Twitter seems to be a good place to start.

About Ken

I was a mainframe cobol programmer by trade and and now an aspiring entrepreneur.
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