Teaching Success To Learn Success

I learned some time ago that the best way to learn is to teach. So as I learn something new I try to share it. Sometimes I do this by posts on this blog. My goal is to find the best way for the average wage earner or student to make money online.

I have spent quite a bit of time and money searching for a method that will work for everyone not just for those of us in the US and UK who seem to have fewer issues getting online but all over the world where just getting connected to the internet is a major hurdle .

I have asked for feedback before and ended up with no replies or just spam. But this would be a great subject to get feedback on. Then I would have a much better idea of what people needed in the way of information that could be the thing they are missing to take them over the top.

I have had emails from other marketer’s where they try to go over everything they can think of that you might be struggling with. They still ask for feedback and apparently that does work slightly better because they are getting comments but that can easily turn to spam or those useless comments where they just cus or argue with other commenters.

So without any feedback I will share what I have learned so far about how to make money available to anyone who can get connected to the internet.

First we will cover the  so called FREE methods to make money online and then work our way into the areas that will cost you money.

The only way you can actually access the internet for “free” is to use a library computer

One way that I found to make some money online is to use Traffic Exchanges. Most affiliate marketers will tell you these are a waste of time. This is true if you are selling a product as an affiliate and you are trying to use these TE’s to sell that product. You will not have much luck. But if you want to use TE’s to make money you can start at Click Track Profit and learn the right way to use Traffic Exchanges to make money.

About Ken

I was a mainframe cobol programmer by trade and and now an aspiring entrepreneur.
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