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If you think I am biased about TE Training you would be absolutely correct.

For one thing I have started really enjoying using the SFI website and I believe that the Strong Future International program is about to become even bigger than it has already and when it does I will be there to participate in its success and so will all of those that have signed up under me. If they have joined through TE Training then they will have the added benefit of having all those traffic exchanges and safe lists to continue to promote SFI and TE Training.

The SFI website is constantly improving and adding more ways for their members to share in their phenomenal growth. The latest is called the Time Machine where you are given a chance to win the Zackpot at their TripleClicks.com store website. The winners of the last Zackpot, which ended April 5th, shared a final Zackpot of 35,164 TCredits, each winner received an equal share of 154 TCredits. TCredits can be used to make purchases at TripleClicks and are the only way to participate in a Pricebenders auction.

Another Great thing about SFI is all of the “Gateways” you are given geared to different promotions and for some people they find it easier to promote just one aspect of SFI.

“FREE” Gateway (aka our “REAL” and “REAL2” Gateways).

WAVE3 Gateway.

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