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Well it is about 7 years now that I have tried to replace my job by making money online. I have bought all the stuff you are suppose to need and spent a lot of money, But I know deep in my heart it was because I have not found my passion. When I belonged to the Wealthy Affiliate they always said “Turn Any Passion Into a Successful Affiliate Marketing Business” but I did not have a passion other than to replace my job. I tried to fake passion and truly believe I just was not good enough because I knew of several successful marketers doing that very thing and making money and I am sure they still are.

Recently I started to get very serious about my goal to retire early and start an online business. One of the best things I ever did and I need to thank Steve Taurman for that, is to buy a Traffic Exchange. The second best thing I ever did was to partner with Albert Ivor Morin to administer it. The man is a genius and has done more to teach me what it takes to run a successful Traffic Exchange than I could ever possibly learn on my own.

I think it was about 2 weeks ago possibly 3 that I had a chance to finally attend one of the Affiliate Funnel webinars that Marci Jones hosts weekly. I think they are free to anyone and they are about how to be successful online using Traffic Exchanges and Safelists. I have been a gold member of Affiliate Funnel for years and that is all due to Jerry Iannucci and I talk more about him later. Even so for the longest time I could not accept completely that this was the way to make money online. But while I was watching that webinar it suddenly occurred to me that my Traffic Exchange was my greatest asset and it was sitting under my nose the whole time and it was easy to be passionate about my Traffic Exchange because it was bought with love for my wife. She simply loves penguins and has for years so when I saw Penguin Traffic I had to buy it.

And now I have a reason to blog about my passion for Traffic Exchanges and Penguin Traffic in particular. What is even cooler is that I bought another Traffic Exchange but it is not ready for the world just yet. I also have a chance to defend TE’s and Safelists from the detractors of whom I was one at one time. That has changed because I am actually making money with SFI and I found them because of Traffic Exchanges and Safelists and TE Training in particular.

Not long ago I discovered that Jerry Iannucci has updated his Safelist Marketing Tactics for 2015 further verifying my claim that 2015 is the year to be marketing online. Mister Safelist is Jerry’s mailer and it is starting to grow and I believe will continue to grow as the idea of starting free and working for your income becomes more popular. Jerry’s site Mister Safelist started out with a bang and had quite a few more members than it does now. However I can say that it is growing because it is at least 1,000 members more than it was at it’s lowest point. That is how it works and why you are continually told to stay with it and not give up. Most sites, not all, will get a rush of members when they launch and then taper off, then lose ground and hit bottom and then slowly start to grow again and continue to grow. I do not see one Traffic Exchange or Safelist that is even close to what they can become. Even EasyHits4U the hands down largest Traffic Exchange on the planet is not even at a million members yet.

I have not totally let go of my passion for becoming an overnight hundred thousandaire through affiliate marketing but I am having some success with traffic exchanges and safelists so I am putting in a lot more effort in getting them to work for me. The main reason is because of SFI and wanting to create a lead generation system that I can funnel to my co-op and both reward my team and build it at the same time. While I am glad that I have found places to buy signups to reward my team members who make their EA status I would like to create a system that could give me a constant stream of signups.

So while I do feel that the online marketing world is getting easier for me to navigate and actually make some money I have also realized that the only ones who truly understand what I do and why I do it are the other people doing to.

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I was a mainframe cobol programmer by trade and and now an aspiring entrepreneur.
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