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I watched a video the other day where the man said “post everyday”. OK, he said a whole lot more than that but that one remark got me to thinking.  Posting everyday is something I have tried to do but as you can see by the dates on my posts it ain’t working out so good. This is partly due to having a huge case of overwhelm. You know where you have so much going on that you can barely think let alone think of something to write that someone else, gulp, might actually read.

I prefer to pay for my writing and I found myself an excellent writer and have quite a few articles with my name on them that are actually written by someone else. However it does get a tad expensive. These are also not blog posts and you need to put some of yourself into them. That does not mean you have to quit buying articles because you can turn those into blog posts but some of those posts need you in them.

I recently read or actually reread Marlon Sanders 10X article in his newsletter you can find here. I have come to realize that you have to keep this up everyday in order to have success. The easiest way to do this is to rewrite PLR. I learned about PLR from Gabor Olah and Aaron Danker and how to rewrite it from Peggy Baron.

Recently my economic picture got a bit bleak and I had to start writing my own articles. Having enough money seems to always be an issue for me. When I have enough to pay all the bills and put some away and still have something left to spend I still have issues. Mainly that suddenly a huge bill will come in the mail and instantly wipe out all that I have and make me borrow more just e to get it paid.  And of course when I don’t have enough money then I seem to have many issues that all could be solved with more money.

To write an article I usually read something and it sticks in my mind until I finally decide what I want to say about whatever it is and so I write an article on it. I actually use my wordpress blog to write my articles with the idea that I can later rewrite it and use it as a blog post.   Then I save it and  of course “sleep on it” and then go back and delete a bunch and add a little and then head over to Street Articles and post it. They only approve completely unique content. For example I posted an article I had already used as a blog post and it was rejected due to duplicate content.

If the article is accepted then I can go back to that post and rewrite it. Once I complete the rewrite I go over to and check it for duplicate content. Now when one of the 2 url’s that are allowed in the article are clicked it will take the reader to a blog with a post related to that subject.

That all sounds great but if you are not doing this everyday the chances that anyone will see one of your articles and click on the link is very miniscule. But if you post today and tomorrow and the next day then the next you will eventually get readers and then all the work you have done can now be re-showcased and you can link to those articles and just need to write an introduction.

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I was a mainframe cobol programmer by trade and and now an aspiring entrepreneur.
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