And That Is All I Have To Say About That

This song reflects perfectly how I feel about everyone who touched me at Parker Hannifin. And that is all I will have to say about that.

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I Remember Throwin Punches Around And Preachin From My Chair!

I may be wrong and I may be giving the wrong message to my future generations but, I believe there are times when nothing but a good drunk will do.

I am not talking a night out I am talking a bender here folks, think of “Lost Weekend”.

I’m thinking about the third time I have passed out and woke back up and passed out again should do the trick.

May have to test and modify accordingly. Event date to be determined.

Employee – 1979 to 2015 – Rest in Peace

Entrepreneur – 2016 to

Good Luck, Poky!!!

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Ostrich Effect

Today my copy of the Ostrich Effect by Justin Ledvina arrived and the first thought I had was this is a manual not a book. You need this at your side at all times to keep you focused on the things you need to be doing if your goal is to have your own business. I will eventually have this book memorized but as Tim Linden points out you can read a little, let your creative juices start to flow, then go do “something” and then come back and get more “juice” when you need it.

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Follow The Plan

You wrote your plan months perhaps even years ago and yet when you have those occasional bouts of honesty you know you have not followed your plan as well as you should.

Some do follow their plan and still are not achieving their goal and as painful as it may be to hear, it is time to get a new plan. If you can’t let it go then put it on the back burner and come back to it after you are achieving whatever it is you want to achieve.

Don’t have a plan? But you want to achieve a goal. Good Luck and if you do achieve your goal then please post a comment and tell me how you did it because you will be the first person I know of and many people could use this.

When I have a plan I achieve my goal. But only, if I stick to it.

I’m just estimating but I would say that most plans are made in our brains in approximately five nano seconds. Some of them take a lifetime to fully develop but the creation seems to be almost instant.

What is a plan?

1. Defining a goal and the steps necessary to achieve it.
2. Putting it all down on paper.

Writing it down on paper seems to work best for plans but I do create plans that are for small goals and these type just need to be followed.

For an example of a small plan think about the last time you went out to multiple places in one outing. I needed to go out yesterday and after I was done making my plan (took about 3 nano seconds) I decided to write it down and found that by going backwards to the way I originally planned it would allow me to just make one big loop with no back tracking.

If you have a goal that you want to achieve then you need to make the plan and then you need to Follow The Plan.

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Gotbackup Is Here!

The day I signed up at GVO is the day I realized that Joel Therien was the same guy that put out A to Z Millionaire and that was all the confirmation I needed. That training video was one of the best I had seen up until that point and even though it has been a while I would bet it still is one of the best.

I will be back to continue but in the meantime sign up under me and get my not yet released training on how I am finally making money from home and preparing to retire. Just click on the banner below.

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GVO – Global Virtual Opportunities

Joel Therien started a website called and sold hosting and also was giving away a training video called AtoZ Millionaire and the advice I got from it is the same that he teaches today.

I am trying to find where I “stored” my copy of the A to Z Millionaire but it will have to wait for now.


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Make Your Time On The Computer Put Money In Your Pocket

I started my career by getting paid to operate a computer and 36 years later I am getting paid to program a computer. Now I am trying to do this without a big company paying me and so far it is as slow as I am but is happening. As I progress towards my goal I have done everything I shouldn’t have and a lot that I should have and now just doing it is starting to pay off.

I believe this is in part due to finding one thing to do daily and do it everyday. I add other tasks to the list that I do daily but if I miss a day I still have the main task done and can handle the set back. This was huge for me and I am using it as motivation to keep going.

The latest thing I have decided to add to the list is the title of this blog post and that is to make money for the time I am on the computer. Since I have a job that requires that I am using a computer this will be much more time than I will have to spend once I reach the goal. This will require careful tracking to measure what the results will be.

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Memory Is Not Just A Great Song

Betty Buckley was on Eight Is Enough and I remember being surprised when I found out that she sang “Memory” from the musical “Cats”.

I have always had a fascination with people who learned how to remember things and that is why Harry Lorayne fascinated me. I learned about him from ads I saw in my Grandparents Organic Gardening and Farming magazines. He did things like going on TV and remembering everyone in the audience and proving it by greeting them at the door as they left. I was interested in remembering peoples names because I have what they call “stage fright” and I can just go blank when I run into someone unexpectedly and of course I am always with someone who wants introduced.

I remember a great saying that went something like “I like to remember my mistakes so that I recognize them when I repeat them”. I am forever struggling to remember and learning that just because you know how your brain works does not mean that you know how to use it or in my case are willing to put forth the effort. Because learn means more than just reading about it.

But there is a second ingredient that you must have to move forward and that is motivation. Without motivation your contentedness is your undoing. My memory was good enough to get by and so I did not try to improve with the mental exercises I know I should be doing but as I pursue my dream of working from home and creating a business that will make me wealthy I have started to do those things that I learned and were not motivated enough to put into action.

I have started to work on improving my memory using the methods outlined in the memory book and I will share these exercises with you.

To begin you need a copy of the “Memory Book” written by Jerry Havilcek and Harry Lorraine and you can usually find a copy at the library but I recommend buying a paperback copy.

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How Many Times Do You Reboot Your PC or Laptop?

Affiliate Funnel has taught me more than any other site on the internet about being successful with Traffic Exchanges and Safe Lists and I attend their Saturday noon webinars whenever I get a chance. Something happened today that literally blew my mind and made me realize that maybe I really have learned something from my years as a professional in the Information Technology business that can bring a different perspective.

Spreecast was having some problems today and I made the suggestion that the host should reboot her PC. I have no idea what her set up is and believed her when she said she couldn’t and I can understand feeling uncomfortable doing this during a webinar. But others also said their devices restarted slowly and I want to tell you I would not accept that and neither should you.

If you are sitting, standing, leaning or holding a screen in front of you that is NOT controlling a server then you should be able to reboot your “device” in 3 minutes or less. With most of the time much faster.

While running a server is an entirely different issue the devices that connect to it should be easily re-startable.

I know I sound like a handbook but that is how you should be viewing your laptops and tablets. I have not used a PC in a long time but I do remember not turning mine off for awhile and just pulling the plug. No better way to make sure everything is working. Remember when all your devices were “wired” to the PC? And who can forget the sound of a modem?

So to be clear if you are running a server do NOT reboot your device. If you are running a server you know what to do and if you don’t then I hope I am not using your server.

While there are differences between shutting off your laptop and just restarting your laptop I also think leaving your laptop on is just not a good idea. All 3 of my laptops restart fast. The one I am using to type this has a one terabyte hard drive. I don’t run a lot of programs at one time and I run Trend Micro to protect me from the hackers. If I am in cpanel updating a table I might get hung up. I just restart my computer and that frees everything up and off I go. When working from home for my job I run a VPN and an emulator for the mainframe and while I can go all day I shutdown when I am done. If I get hung up while working I reboot and continue.

This all my opinion of course and you are welcome to comment with your opinion.

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Penguin Traffic Looking Forward

When I gave over administration duties to my manual traffic exchange Penguin Traffic I did so thinking that the site would probably be ran better by someone else. That still may be true but I am trying harder than I ever thought I would to make it a success. At the very least I would like to keep it from being a failure.

It is amazing to me that I am having so many issues that I would never have thought of until I took over Penguin Traffic and tried to just keep up on the payments due the members. Thanks to a kind gentleman, who seems to have gone offline, I was able to turn on a flag that gave the members a Cash Earnings page. Now they would be able to see their payments right on the site and not in a manually sent email.

I think the biggest lesson I have learned is that this really is not for everyone. My own family thinks this is basically a waste of time and because of life events they were right. But things are starting to turn around and  soon I will no longer be an employee. Because that is what it is about for me. I have a great job and I work with great people but it is not what I want to do anymore.

The other big lesson I have learned is to trust myself. When I was responsible for my children I never felt that I could ask them to go without because Daddy wanted to own a business and be a businessman and not an employee. I think it was the right decision. But now I see that I was right about a lot of things and I have learned what I need to know to make this work. At this point it is just a matter of turning in my two week notice.

Penguin Traffic is just the beginning and now that Albert has returned I can start focusing on my next traffic exchange. Thanks to Albert I know how to make these work and I do not see a better membership site to start with than a TE. As I learn more I may change that opinion but for now running the Penguin Traffic traffic exchange is enough and let the promotions begin.

I don’t need to put a link because it is on page one of all the search engines. OK maybe just Google but that will do.



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