Living On Clicks

The title of this post “Living On Clicks” is something that popped into my head one day after I was trying to put a name on the “niche” I want to be in. When I really thought about it saying I want to do Traffic Exchanges, Safe Lists, Down Line Builders and Paid To Click sites while more descriptive is quite a mouthful. I really like the ring of “Living On Clicks” and feel it describes exactly what I am doing, at least in my online endeavors.

This has all started because of this young lady out of Cincinnati Ohio who was telling me I needed to “Niche it down” and then “Niche it down a little more”. Her name is Amy Schmittauer and her site is Savvy Sexy Social and she has created her brand using You Tube. You can click on either link above and you will be taken to her site. I believe you should always give credit where credit is due and that is why I wanted to give her the credit I believe she deserves.

So now as I pursue my online business I will be referring to my niche as “Living On Clicks”.

To further give credit I would say that Affiliate Funnel gives me the most bang for the buck or to put it another way gives me the most value for the dollars I spend. By going gold and spending a measly $4.95 a month you can learn what you need to get started today.

As I learn more about making money on the internet the clearer the picture is becoming. Recognizing the similarities between the different business models will help you immensely. At least I know that it has me and one of the things that is quite clear is the need for your own product or service. Having upgraded members at Adkreator and Traffic Wave is my product and those are just two examples of the hundreds of sites that will pay me if you sign up through my link and then upgrade. Some sites also share your downlines purchases.

Living on clicks is not only a real way to make money I believe it will become an accepted business model by even more than hosting companies and autoresponder services and I am pretty sure it already has.

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I was a mainframe cobol programmer by trade and and now an aspiring entrepreneur.
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