How Many Times Do You Reboot Your PC or Laptop?

Affiliate Funnel has taught me more than any other site on the internet about being successful with Traffic Exchanges and Safe Lists and I attend their Saturday noon webinars whenever I get a chance. Something happened today that literally blew my mind and made me realize that maybe I really have learned something from my years as a professional in the Information Technology business that can bring a different perspective.

Spreecast was having some problems today and I made the suggestion that the host should reboot her PC. I have no idea what her set up is and believed her when she said she couldn’t and I can understand feeling uncomfortable doing this during a webinar. But others also said their devices restarted slowly and I want to tell you I would not accept that and neither should you.

If you are sitting, standing, leaning or holding a screen in front of you that is NOT controlling a server then you should be able to reboot your “device” in 3 minutes or less. With most of the time much faster.

While running a server is an entirely different issue the devices that connect to it should be easily re-startable.

I know I sound like a handbook but that is how you should be viewing your laptops and tablets. I have not used a PC in a long time but I do remember not turning mine off for awhile and just pulling the plug. No better way to make sure everything is working. Remember when all your devices were “wired” to the PC? And who can forget the sound of a modem?

So to be clear if you are running a server do NOT reboot your device. If you are running a server you know what to do and if you don’t then I hope I am not using your server.

While there are differences between shutting off your laptop and just restarting your laptop I also think leaving your laptop on is just not a good idea. All 3 of my laptops restart fast. The one I am using to type this has a one terabyte hard drive. I don’t run a lot of programs at one time and I run Trend Micro to protect me from the hackers. If I am in cpanel updating a table I might get hung up. I just restart my computer and that frees everything up and off I go. When working from home for my job I run a VPN and an emulator for the mainframe and while I can go all day I shutdown when I am done. If I get hung up while working I reboot and continue.

This all my opinion of course and you are welcome to comment with your opinion.

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I was a mainframe cobol programmer by trade and and now an aspiring entrepreneur.
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