Enjoying This Vacation Down South

Being on vacation in the old south is just the beginning of my new lifestyle and I am almost feeling guilty, almost. Teaming up with another online entrepreneur is now making this one of the best things I have ever done in my life . While I have enjoyed the work I did as an employee I much prefer being my own boss. I am glad I did not leave work earlier, like I almost did and the wait has paid off huge as I am in a better position than I ever planned.

The best thing about all of this to me is that I don’t have to bother my friend’s or family. While it takes quite awhile to build some of the huge downlines that I have built over time they now give me a residual income that seems to grow all on its own.

Until I feel more comfortable I will keep this website as it is and probably won’t add any more articles on my business for awhile. What I will do is sit here at the King Charles Inn in downtown Charleston and enjoy the A/C and the 32 inch flat screen TV. Have to get up early (9ish) to check out by 11 and head for Savannah.

About Ken

I was a mainframe cobol programmer by trade and and now an aspiring entrepreneur.
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