Are You Using Traffic Exchanges And Safelists To Promote?

I seriously doubt that I was learning anything unique about what it took to make money online when I first started. Just like you I was learning that the money was in the follow up and that you need to build a leads list. That lesson was reinforced for me when I remembered watching the movie “Glengarry Glen Ross” where the “leads list” is so valuable it is stolen. So I wanted to build both paid and free lists and see which ones worked better.

For the paid list I set up an advertising campaign using PPC and a few other paid methods like solo ads and article marketing where I hired a writer to create articles specific to my campaign. Eventually my list grew to over 600 people but cost over a thousand dollars and unfortunately my follow up campaign was a dud because I only got 2 sales. Along the way I lost my writer and was surprised to find that I didn’t care if I hired another one because she was pure gold and

Actually before I did the paid list approach I had already discovered Traffic Exchanges and I went in big and joined about 60 plus. The program was called TETactics and I saw it as the way to build my free list. What I discovered is the same thing that works for building paid lists works for TE’s BUT and this is important, you have to give everything away and making money is totally different than when you build a paid list.

After looking at the different methods used for making money using TE’s I decided that owning a TE was the best way to go and so I purchased Penguin Traffic. My reasoning was that it appeared you could make money by adding all your banner ads and promotions to your homepage and then all you needed to do was promote your TE and “BAM” you could make money from your site and from your ads. I truly believe this works but it takes sooo long to start making profit that it is not something you can recommend to others who need the money sooner. Unfortunately that included me, a self professed “shiny object” seeker who buys everything jumps from program to program and makes little to no money 🙂

It took me awhile to get disciplined enough to handle the sheer amount of time and effort it takes to make money online using Traffic Exchanges. Many people will tell you that they are a waste of time but I disagree and have found that just getting traction helps keep you going and the goals you set need to start very small and build over time. That to me is what makes them a worthwhile investment because I can slowly build my presence and find people who can make money following my advice and allow me to also make money.

The same holds true for Safe Lists. They are great way to learn how to write effective emails. Later on you can communicate with your downline and allow them to earn credits which gives them even more incentive to pay attention to what you are telling them.

My favorite Safe List is State Of The Art Mailer also know as SOTAM. I have been a member there for a long time and they seem to have active people willing to try your program.

Email Marketing Evolved!

To help you keep your Traffic Exchange and Safelist empire under control you can follow the guidance found in the ebook GetOrganized.pdf by Carol Walczak. She also allows you to rebrand this PDF and then give it away so you can build your list. Not only that but the site has some awesome deals on free credits.

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